Thursday, 8 March 2012

Quick Question Readers

Alright... how many of you have finished the book? Just wondering when we can start talking about it, before I forget all my brilliant thoughts. (sarcasm)

I'm thinking about re-reading it, because I can't seem to get into "Under The Greenwood Tree."


  1. I will actually have a lot of time on my hands while I nurse Alora, (there ain't much you can do when your hands have to teach a newborn how to do this) BUT I have been able to use my Iphone so I've been app hunting but I will get the electronic version of the book and I'll be done before you know it. How many of YOU can dedicate 15 min 12x a day to reading eh? I look forward to everyone's input on the book. :)

    1. You are way more dedicated than I am! You just popped out a kid, and you're still reading! AWESOME! Can't wait to see what you thought. I'll be posting my thoughts in a few days! Love you Missy Mae!