Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hey I'm new!

Hi, I'm Carrie!
I apologize for the pictures... the only ones I have of me reading are also of just my legs. Which is odd.

I feel so privileged to be in this super exclusive book club! I feel like a mason only less manly and secretive.
Just thought I would introduce myself. I'm living in Utah and have a good-lookin'-hard-workin'-soft-spoken husband and a bananas 1 year old. This is us at the Smithsonian:

I stay at home and have a social work degree. I have a blog where I talk about my day and stuff I make because I'm pretty typical like that. I even like Diet Coke and watch The Bachelor.

Liz once told me that I'm mainstream but wearing a really cool hat. 

I have always loved to read and had a goal this year to join a book club so I'm pretty excited.
Is this weird to do an introduction post? I would love it if all of you introduced yourselves in the comments or something because I think there are some of you I don't know.


  1. Hey Carrie! I don't know if you remember me or not. I think we met before your mission a couple of times. I saw you in Steel Magnolias. :) Oh, I forgot to say my name, Ella. I am living in California and I work as a classroom paraprofessional for emotional disturbed children. I love to read as well and look forward to getting to know you better.

  2. Hi Carrie! My name is Sarah and I think you are awesome. I know we physically have not been in each others presence much, but I have always thought we were secret besties. Basically I blog and facebook stalk you, and kind of have a girl crush on you. So I am super excited to discuss books with you!

  3. Welcome, Carrie!

    I love you. I also have no memory of saying that thing about mainstream-ness and your hat. But I like it.