Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Ok guys, here it is: Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Would Not Grow Up (the play). How predictable am I? Yes, I've read it before. In fact, I know it is as dear to some of your hearts as it is to mine. That's part of the reason I've chosen this piece; I can't wait to talk about it more with you all! Another reason is that I've got a little boy growing inside me, and I want to stoke the fire a little. Last, I think we're all familiar enough with the story that, even if we have trouble finishing it by the end of the month, we'll all get to join in the discussion.

As I type this, Jesse and I are thumbing through our ancient copy (the one I picked up in a tiny village in Scotland called Bridge of Allen and literally clutched to my chest as I walked home in the woods). I knew which copy Jesse had grabbed by the smell of the pages.

If you can, get a hold of a copy with the Dedication to the Five. It's beautiful. I haven't read the play through in a few years, and I can't wait to start again. As much as I love this story, I love the way it was written almost more. The stage directions are magical. The stage directions!

Anyway, if the library doesn't have the play version, here's an Amazon link where you can order it in an anthology of JM Barrie's plays for cheap. I hope hope hope it's the original play. I "looked inside this book" and it seems to be.

Peter Pan and Other Plays

Is this ok with everyone?


  1. Oh my gosh I am so happy with this!!!!!! I'm so excited to read it! I'm heading over to my used book store right after I post this!!!

    I am also about to look it up at my library to see if I can save a few bucks!

  2. I can't find it :( I love Peter Pan, but have never read the play, so it's definitely on my reading list. The link that you gave wont let me have it in England, and I can't find the English version for less than £10! Also can't find it on the kindle which is a shame. I will keep looking, I just didn't want you to think that I wasn't all keen, because I am! Although, I am half way through Wuthering Heights at the moment, and I'm finding it pretty heavy going.

  3. I can't seem to get the play in time so I am just reading the book, and then I will read the play when my turn comes at the library! I'm so excited to talk about it though!

  4. I can read the book again really quickly, it was already on my kindle :)