Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hello book clubies.

I'm not much of a reader, that's point one. The truth Is I read slow, it's a curse some of us live with, we re-read sentences and paragraphs because it either didn't go in or it just didn't make sense. My theory based on my extensive research, namely me, is that I felt pressure at school to be reading 'big books'. The kid with the most pages, smallest print, least pictures was the cleverest. All sat at a desk reading our chosen book from the school library and proving that I was a 'big book' reader when in reality a picture book would have been what I would have chosen and my English reading lessons consisted of me day dream whilst staring at the book and occasionally turning a page.

Point two I love reading but don't get round to it too often. I don't like too much description, or swearing or sex. Books should come with ratings, the amount I have half read due the above is just as long as my read list.

Point 3, I've not read next months book so I apologise if it has any things from point two. I have However read the first few pages and it amused me. Big tick in my estimation.

Point 4, it's British.

Point 5' I'm british.

Point 6 I present you with "things can only get better: eighteen miserable years in the life of a labour supporter" by John o'Farell

I will post a pic when my laptop charger arrives in the mean time blogger on an iPad sucks.

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  1. Naomi I am so excited about this book! As soon as I finish the months I am jumping into the next one!

    PS I love you, and you're awesome!