Monday, 1 October 2012

Thoughts on One Second After

Melissa posted this on the comments and I thought it might be better seen here:

Ok all, what did you think about it? Did you find yourself looking at your own food storage differently? Do you think you know your neighbors well enough that you'd protect eachother or be everyman for himself? Did you lose any sleep over this book? Which character did you relate to the most? Why? What was the most jaw dropping moment in the book to you? ( we'll start there)


  1. My thoughts as I was reading the book started like this: 1. I need to learn how to make soap. 2. I need to learn how to hunt. 3. I need to improve my food storage, and really focus on it. 4. I need to learn a skill or trade that can help me barter. 5. I need to buy a really old car and learn how to keep it alive. 6. I need to learn how to garden.

    No honestly this book really made me think, and it was a page turner.

    I really related to Makala and John. John for the most part didn't shock me and was a natural born leader. The shocking parts for me were what happened to our society. And how quickly so many died. The normal everyday society went to hell really quickly and I pray we would have a little more structure and organization. But who knows. I personally hope I never have to find out. I'm not sure I'm cut out to be a survivor.

  2. I was blown away by the concept that a lot of our food isnt made locally- but by a mass production area far from society. Like the pig farms and such. Our system is a complex one and pretty neat but oh so fragile. I have lost many nights of sleep since completing this book. How do I protect my family without becoming a target

  3. I know!!! I was so concerned as to where I was living. Cities would be crazy to live in, and there isn't much meat locally. To get fruits would be easy but anything else I better have in my own home.

    As for neighbors, I really don't know any of my neighbors and I don't think I could county on them to not betray me or try and steal my food. It's crazy!

  4. Thats the hardest thing for me to swallow. That it isnt the EMP, but people that become the weapon. Can you believe that our "allies" in the book took so long to send help? How nice of our neighboring countries to come to our aid after we have been weakened for a year and they decided to set up shop!!! Texas is being reclaimed by Mexico- ah dios mio!!!

  5. Sounds like scary stuff! I downloaded the book as my first audio book! So it might take a little longer, but I will come back and comment on this properly when I've plucked up the nerve to listen to the book!

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